Login problem: email address or password is incorrect

The Email address or password is incorrect error message can appear when trying to login using incorrect details.  Both username and password are case sensitive and have to match exactly as in your account details, please refer to your welcome email.  If you are unable to access your account after checking and entering your login information, you should reset your password using the Reset password link.  Please ensure you enter your email address exactly as registered on your account, remember to check your spam folder if you cannot find the reset email.  If this still does not give you access to your account, there is a chance that the email address is incorrect compared to how the account was registered. In this case please email tryithelp@nettexequine.com for further assistance.

Where’s my order?

We aim to deliver all orders within 7 working days (this excludes Saturday and Sunday). Occasionally there are circumstances beyond our control such as the postal carrier experiencing delays, or no-one being at home to take delivery of the order, in which case a card may be left asking you to contact the depot.  If you haven’t received your order within 7 working days (excludes Saturday and Sunday), please contact us by email at tryithelp@nettexequine.com quoting your order reference number and we will be happy to help.

Login problem, email address incorrect

If you are having issues logging in and have received the Email Address Incorrect message there are a couple of things you can check.  Firstly, are you using the email address that you registered with.  Start by checking your confirmation email received when registering, and then check your password.

You will have been sent an email asking you to confirm your account registration.  If you have not clicked on the link in this email your account will not have been activated, please open this email and click on the link which should then resolve your login issue.  If you are still unable to login please do contact us for further help.

How do I add additional delivery addresses.

Your Nettex Try It Club products can be delivered to any UK mainland address you choose: home, work, a friend or family member.  You can easily add multiple delivery addresses by following these simple steps, but the address needs to be added to your account prior to completing your order

1. Log into your account at https://tryitclub.nettexequine.com/ which will take you to the My Details page, you can also access this page when logged in from the menu on the left hand side on a desktop or the top menu on a mobile.

2. Scroll down to My Addresses and click the the blue ADD ADDRESS button which will add an additional, blank, address at the end of your list of addresses

3. Click in the new blank Postcode box and enter the postcode of the address you want to add and click the orange FIND MY ADDRESS button.  Select the address from the options presented in the drop down or manual amend as appropriate

4. Scroll down to the ALL FINISHED? section, enter your password and click the blue UPDATE MY ACCOUNT button which will save the address

Next time you order you can select both Delivery and Billing Address when you have clicked PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

Order timed out or failed and products no longer showing

Sometimes internet connections are lost or other external issues cause your order to be disrupted prior to purchase. If this happens, the products will be sitting in an order in your account ready to pay for or to clear and start again.  In order to complete and pay for previously started order, or to clear your account and start your shop again please follw the steps below.

1. Log in to your account

2. Select My Account from the menu

3. Select My Orders from the menu, you should see a number in brackets after my orders

4. In the list of orders, look for an Order with a STATUS of Pending Payment

5. Click on the date of the Order

6. Select from the 2 options, PAY NOW or REMOVE THIS ORDER